Sunday, October 26, 2014

Slightly cold wind..

Sunday today and it's really cold outside. I bought a new jacket and I'm looking forward to wear it!! 

I'm back to my hometown because of a national celebration in a couple of days. 

Have a look at my new rings. There are a gift from a best friend-Anna for my birthday. (A month away and I'm still getting presents :D ) Loooove them. They are silver with light green stones. (My favourite color)

That's the color that I chose for making my knitted turban! It took me about 4 days to make it but it was worth it. It's a nice alternative accessory for winter, apart from hats and berets. I think that looks good in combination with my crazy curly hair. What do you think??

 Some of you, those who follow me on instagram you may have seen some of these pictures.. You may call this post a.. "fill-in" one.
 An everyday outfit which I wore a few days ago when the weather was good. I really like wearing this long grey skirt cause it matches with almost everything and it's so comfy! Stripes are my favourite pattern and last but not least, Vans shoes are an everyday choice because of their color-which I adore and was so happy that I found- and their design.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Lady In Red..

An original vintage dress. Dark red as blood, as cranberries, as cherry jam.
It is my mothers' and we found it while we were searching for winter clothes around our wardrobes and closets. I truly love it and I believe that matches perfectly with those "oxford" shoes.

 I really like the thing that I can wear my mothers' clothes, even if they are old or new. We have much more the same taste in style with some interesting differences. Besides, she is a few years older than me (hahaha).

Forest's Nymph

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Autumn came with wind & gold..

Καφές ζεστός,
φτιάχνω σχέδια με τον καπνό.

Χάρακες, μολύβια πάνω στο γραφείο, μα η καρέκλα γυρισμένη στο παράθυρο. 

Μικροσκοπικές σταγόνες βροχής, κοσμούν το τζάμι και πέφτουν χορεύοντας στη μoυσική που διαχέεται στο σκοτεινό δωμάτιο. 

Σχέδια στη βροχή, μελαγχολική μουσική. 
Σε περiμένω να γιορτάσουμε το φθινόπωρο μαζί.

Χτύπησε την πόρτα, σβήσε το κερί, να υπάρχουμε μόνο εγώ και συ. 

Τράβηξε με στη βροχή, να βλέπω τα διαμάντια των σύννεφων να σε περιτριγυρίζουν. 

Μια σταγόνα στα χείλη σου χάθηκε στη στιγμή, με ένα μου φιλί.

*I found the picture above on the internet.

Fall for me is maybe the best season. It's the spring of winter. I feel so creative, full of a quiet energy, ready for cozy moments and afternoons with friends - hot coffee- talking with blankets on your feet-with candles around us.
Above is another "poem", in greek...
See you soon with another flower dust post..

                                                               Forests's Nymph

Monday, September 29, 2014

Second decade for me.. !20!

Well, yes. Yesterday, it was my birthday. I turned 20. I had such a great time with friends and family. I got beautiful wishes plus small sweet and full of inspiration presents and ate an amazing birthday-cake. hahaha...

Major Omission.
A few days ago, Flower Dust World, also had birthday. It's  been 3 years that is open and shares it's secrets and magic with you. 
Hope that there are gonna be many many many other years full of flower dust and blossom ideas..

Forests' Nymph

Thursday, September 25, 2014

My head is a Jungle Jungle...

 What if my thoughts were wrong?

What if the road won't take me where I want?

What if I had decided another way?

I got confused and my head is like a  crowded place..

 Visions in my mind..
I see you down  the silver river.
Staring at me like you've got something interesting to tell me.
Your eyes-two Kadupul Flowers,
blooms around midnight, produces a very sweet flavor
 and dies at dawn.

How could I stay away from you? 
With what courage and audacity?

Things went something different though.
I just can't believe that it would be so long since you appear,
Let's move out of here. 
Don't leave me behind.

We said we gonna run out of all our fears. 
I'll stick around you. I'll be your knight. As a weapon I'm gonna have love and passion. 

Forests' Nymph

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

First Day Of Autumn..

A autumnal heelllooo from the secret forest, which is no more that secret because of your thousands of views. Thank you very much for your response and for your connection to my imaginary world. Flower Dust World.

So today it is said to be officially the first day of the third season, Autumn. In my walk around the town, I've stopped in a large area of green, trees and reverential silence to take a rest and drink my afternoon coffee while chatting and laughing with a best friend.
 I captured some moments and I'm here to share them with you. 
 I loooooooove those colors! This "deep forest green", light yellow, brown.. as well as the environment. All creatures of nature prepare themselves for winter. 

Oh, yes. I almost forget! As you've may noticed I got a new haircut. What do you think about it? I believe that it's a bit funny, I look like 5 years old :P In a couple of weeks they are gonna be as they were before..

I also bought a new pair of shoes. (In love with leopard)

In a week my new year at university is going to start. I'm full of energy and will for hard work. It's a crucial year for me! See you soon with another post, it might be a poem, fashion post, recipe, craft...who knows? Stay on alert! ;)

Forests' Nymph

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Friday, September 19, 2014

A sunny Autumn day..


The third season of the year, from September to November. Leaves fall, it rains often and there's a sweet melancholia around.
 Well, in Greece, we usually have sunny days and warm weather until late Octobrr..(haha got it?) So, we enjoy those days and try to "exploit" them until last drop. 

My grandparents have a quite big area of vines and each year we make red wine. as well as "tsipouro" which is a kind of white wine. So, this time I was their helpmate and I have to say that it was really fun and an unprecedented experience. 

We also picked some apples and figs. I find those colors amazing and fresh. 
 Forests' Nymph

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

September is my month..

The end 
 of Septembers' exams..!

Hurray! Seriously now this is gonna be a really fun period for me. My birthday are on road(20. I'm going to turn 20. 20. New decade. Ohh...) and I have plans to spend them with family and hopefully with best friends-depending on their exams and plans.

You've may noticed that I shared many of my poems-writings-thoughts on previous posts. Big step for me to overcome my scruples. Sorry for all those posts in greek, but as I might have said before, if I translated them the whole <<thing>> / the whole point would be lost. I have also some notes in english that I might post  soon.

These days, I'm really into french music, songs, jazz etc. 

Forests' Nymph