Monday, September 29, 2014

Second decade for me.. !20!

Well, yes. Yesterday, it was my birthday. I turned 20. I had such a great time with friends and family. I got beautiful wishes plus small sweet and full of inspiration presents and ate an amazing birthday-cake. hahaha...

Major Omission.
A few days ago, Flower Dust World, also had birthday. It's  been 3 years that is open and shares it's secrets and magic with you. 
Hope that there are gonna be many many many other years full of flower dust and blossom ideas..

Forests' Nymph

Thursday, September 25, 2014

My head is a Jungle Jungle...

 What if my thoughts were wrong?

What if the road won't take me where I want?

What if I had decided another way?

I got confused and my head is like a  crowded place..

 Visions in my mind..
I see you down  the silver river.
Staring at me like you've got something interesting to tell me.
Your eyes-two Kadupul Flowers,
blooms around midnight, produces a very sweet flavor
 and dies at dawn.

How could I stay away from you? 
With what courage and audacity?

Things went something different though.
I just can't believe that it would be so long since you appear,
Let's move out of here. 
Don't leave me behind.

We said we gonna run out of all our fears. 
I'll stick around you. I'll be your knight. As a weapon I'm gonna have love and passion. 

Forests' Nymph

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

First Day Of Autumn..

A autumnal heelllooo from the secret forest, which is no more that secret because of your thousands of views. Thank you very much for your response and for your connection to my imaginary world. Flower Dust World.

So today it is said to be officially the first day of the third season, Autumn. In my walk around the town, I've stopped in a large area of green, trees and reverential silence to take a rest and drink my afternoon coffee while chatting and laughing with a best friend.
 I captured some moments and I'm here to share them with you. 
 I loooooooove those colors! This "deep forest green", light yellow, brown.. as well as the environment. All creatures of nature prepare themselves for winter. 

Oh, yes. I almost forget! As you've may noticed I got a new haircut. What do you think about it? I believe that it's a bit funny, I look like 5 years old :P In a couple of weeks they are gonna be as they were before..

I also bought a new pair of shoes. (In love with leopard)

In a week my new year at university is going to start. I'm full of energy and will for hard work. It's a crucial year for me! See you soon with another post, it might be a poem, fashion post, recipe, craft...who knows? Stay on alert! ;)

Forests' Nymph

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Friday, September 19, 2014

A sunny Autumn day..


The third season of the year, from September to November. Leaves fall, it rains often and there's a sweet melancholia around.
 Well, in Greece, we usually have sunny days and warm weather until late Octobrr..(haha got it?) So, we enjoy those days and try to "exploit" them until last drop. 

My grandparents have a quite big area of vines and each year we make red wine. as well as "tsipouro" which is a kind of white wine. So, this time I was their helpmate and I have to say that it was really fun and an unprecedented experience. 

We also picked some apples and figs. I find those colors amazing and fresh. 
 Forests' Nymph

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

September is my month..

The end 
 of Septembers' exams..!

Hurray! Seriously now this is gonna be a really fun period for me. My birthday are on road(20. I'm going to turn 20. 20. New decade. Ohh...) and I have plans to spend them with family and hopefully with best friends-depending on their exams and plans.

You've may noticed that I shared many of my poems-writings-thoughts on previous posts. Big step for me to overcome my scruples. Sorry for all those posts in greek, but as I might have said before, if I translated them the whole <<thing>> / the whole point would be lost. I have also some notes in english that I might post  soon.

These days, I'm really into french music, songs, jazz etc. 

Forests' Nymph

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Συνυπάρχεις μέσα στο μαγικό μου δάσος, με τα κυκλάμινα τα άνθη τα αγνά,

τη σκόνη της γύρης με την οποία σε μάγεψα. 

Ακόμα μου φαίνεται απίθανο
 το πως εισέβαλες στον κόσμο αυτόν τον αλλόκοτο
 και έχεις μείνει μέχρι σημερα. 
Το δικό μου κόσμο. 

Έλα να ξαπλώσουμε κάτω απ'τα μελόδεντρα,
να ονειρευτούμε μαζί,
όσο τα αερικά θα μας στολίζουν με αγριολούλουδα.

Forest's Nymph

Friday, September 5, 2014

Αν ο έρωτας είναι μαγεία,
εσύ έχεις απλώσει πάνω μου όλη τη μαγική σου αστερόσκονη.

Με έχεις υπνωτίσει.

Με ένα ανεξέλεγκτο θράσος,
τρυπώνεις μέσα στο υποσυνείδητό μου και με επηρεάζεις συνεχώς.

Ω, αυτός ο κόσμος που μου δημιουργείς,
ο κόσμος μου με έχεις να ζω,
είναι τόσο εθιστικός...

Forests' Nymph

Thursday, September 4, 2014

First days of September..

During my exams at university I enjoy having walks around the town, finding new places for relaxing moments with a nice coffee as a company.

I can say that I'm lucky, considered that many of my friends enjoy that kind of walks too, so these walks are full of conversations and laughter. 

This post is much more pictures from that kind of course. I've found some beautiful and graphical buildings and the one is opposite from my friends' new house. 

The weather is still good, so I'm trying to take advantage of those last sunny-hot days, however I can't wait for Autumn to come!!

I bought some really nice tea from a quite awesome coffee shop. I didn't use to enjoy tea, but I can't resist in some flavours..

Forests' Nymph