Monday, December 22, 2014

Meeting Ξένος..

 Ok, I know-at this post all eyes and attention will be on this cute, huge and lovely dog, Ksenos. (Ξένος)

 My best friend-Anna's father found him during a long walk and took him because of his "silent force". 

His is playful, obedient and irresistible.

Loves hugs, toys and walks..

In other news, I got a sprained index and the fun fact is that it happened while I was putting on my boot. I have accepted the thing that I'm clumsy many years ago... I have to keep it in bandage for a couple of weeks. Anyway, at least I am left-handed and still can do manicure :P

This striped sweater-coat is a new one and I'm feeling like a panda while wearing it. It's hood has teddy's ears.. 
 Forests' Nymph

Sunday, December 21, 2014

It's A Marshmallow World In The Winter..

The spirit, the mood and the serenity of those days, make no exceptions. I saw those (not that little) dogs out of a shop selling ornaments and decoration items which, as expected, was amazingly decorated with christmas trees and candles, taking a nap, with plaid ribbons on their necks. Obviously they were straight and it's a sad circumstance, however watching it with optimism, there are people who feed them and take care of them.

I also wore today a tartan scarf and had a walk around the shops with my little brother! People were out, checking gifts, tasting goodies, being in christmas rhythm.

 Yesterday, I enjoyed a glass of wine with a friend of mine and by chance I came upon Opera Chaotique's live. 

It's a group consists of two men, one on vocals and piano and the other on drums. They were really "chaotic" and eccentric. 

The thing that I was today and seemed strange to me (saw it on google) is that 21 of December is the first day of winter-officially. Anyway I love winter.. 

Forests' Nymph

Friday, December 19, 2014

Ho ho houtfits..

It's been a long time since the last completely fashion post. This week was a peaceful one. No fanfares, no many trinkets, no "exquisite" clothing for special occasions.

I met my friends, went for long walks which I enjoyed the most while chatting, having coffee on hand. Under these circumstances, I wore comfortable but "festive" clothes cause !don't forget! in 6 days its Christmas..

Those rainy days, I love wearing hats and berets that keep me warm and protect my crazy curly curly hair from frizz.

Jumpers, skirts and high socks are also faves. 

Those leather black gloves were my mother's but she gave them to me- with my perseverance.. :P

I completely j'adore this new forest green, hairy, woolly pullover. Makes a nice contrast with my ginger hair. This skirt is a new one and it's a shame that you can't see properly it's colors because of my low quality camera. It's purple, green and yellow. Wore it with green tights, yellow socks and black boots which are totally comfortable.

Forests' Nymph

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

I See Cool Tones..

 Today's mood, is black and white. I strongly believe that winter has a huge palette of icily but also warm colors. 

black and white 

are two colors that also have their own magic on pictures. 

Especially when it's December.

 I chose for this post photos (taken from different sites on internet) in black&white. 

Rainy, cold day. I went for a walk around the shops. It was me and my music plus people's mania to catch up their daily routine. Their festive routine, shopping Christmas presents, tasteful desserts, gifts and enjoying their hot coffee as a break.

 I have the need to travel. 
I want to travel somewhere I haven't been before. 
To a cold place, with warm company.
See different pictures and capture them in many ways. 

Forests' Nymph

Monday, December 15, 2014

"And so this is Christmas.."

 This holiday season, our mood changes a lot. 
Most of us, are happier than usual-feel revitalized.
 Because of the decor, that's more festive with warm colors, candles all around, christmas trees and lights. Because of music, christmas oldies are a fave part for many. 
We usually go out to meet friends in small cafes, drink good wine and eat traditional goodies. We meet at houses and have fun with relatives. 

You know, in Greece, Christmas wasn't such a glorious celebration with regard to material goods and Santa Clause. These are extraneous traditions. We used to celebrate Jesus birth, by going to the church, decorate a small boat with lights and spend time with family and friends. As years passed, we adopted all the glory and the gold dust from west.

 Another part of people, on Christmas days, feel a          bit melancholic. For their own reasons, which often might be a        loss of a close person, they might combine this period with a sad    circumstance. Some of them just don't like Xmas and feel bored looking around all this joy. 

I belong in the middle. I love Christmas and its festive atmosphere. It's a nice causation for multitudinous meetings, good food and joy.

Although sometimes I catch myself thinking about the year that passed, what I managed to do, those things that I tried but failed to achieve. Fortunately I'm optimistic-that's why I'm living in my Flower Dust World and it's magic- and over think. Most of us are like that.

It's a "intense" celbration and affect a lot on our attidute. In my opinion we should share love and hapiness the whole year, those days are just here as reminders.  Live our lives and not just be viewers. Live every little thing the most. 

Merry Christmas!

Forests' Nymph

Sunday, December 14, 2014

"Le Festin" In A Small Town..

 Festive atmosphere, with lovely company, a glass of tasty wine, warm clothes & walks around the christmas town.

 I love to play with lights..

Forests' Nymph