Friday, January 2, 2015

And A Happy New Year..

 Bling bling bling..

2015  came with stars and flower dust all around. 
New year found me with wonderful company-family and a friend of mine who spend new year's eve with us. It was really fun and inspirational. Traditionally we cut New Years' cake (Vasilopita) and the "gold coin" was received by my little cousins, they are the lucky ones for this year.

It was a really cold day, it was snowing the whole morning and the temperature touched minus celsius degrees. Nevertheless, I met my friends and had an amazing time while enjoying our drink and dancing. 

My wishes for this year, are the best as always. I think that there is no need to single out this post wishing you love, health and happiness. I carry forward those goods from this little Flower Dust World for about three years now. I've also opened my heart and mind about new years decisions on the previous post.

Just to sum up my thoughts and visions for 2015, have stars in your eyes that bright and make you see the world with your different own way. Make people around you happy-do all those small things that are great in actual fact. Do things for yourself, listen more to the music you love, kiss more the one you love, travel a lot, have the coffee you want -and all these, frequently.

Last but not least, I wanted to say a huge thanks to all of you that you were near my during 2014. It was a strong year and I took kind of serious decisions for posting my notes and poems and make this post a little bit more personal. 

For those who are new readers, you can find me on instagram and also on facebook in order not to miss a post.

Wish you the very best for 2015..

Forests' Nymph

Saturday, December 27, 2014


Good morning lovers of flower's filters and magic. I hope you all spent wonderful Christmas time with your lovely ones. Had lot of fun and filled yourselves with positive thoughts and energy. That's the "taste" these holy days should left us-in my point of view.

I'm sitting at a cafe, with my laptop as a company, having a coffee. Wearing my dark lipstick and my tartan fave scarf. I'm looking out of the glass window-its a rainy cold day.  Thinking, thinking, thinking.

I'm an overthinker, but in a way that I usually can tolerate. I need to came up with some decisions, goals, and ideas for the new year. So, I took my new notebook for 2015(I CAN'T live without a notebook for each year) and wrote down thing I wanna do, wanna check, wanna try this year. I'm not talking about crazy unachievable things. I'm talking about things that with a little more effort, discipline-maybe, and will would make you more "great" in your eyes. Yes, you are doing it for yourself. 

I want to extend my own world and its bewitchment, my territory. I might be a dreamer, however, I know what the real world is like but I was made of flower-marble and I'm not gonna let anything convert me in a cold lifeless one. The way to achieve that is this blog, the way I see art around me and those I love.

Who am I to tell you what to do?
I'm just recommending you to do something corresponding. Take your life seriously, take decisions that could change it for real. Feel its mystery fully. Express yourself and don't be afraid to hear opinions even if they are negative. You'll learn from it. I could say that I did it kind of this year and worked a lot. Many things changed-other in a good and other in a bad way but I learned. And hey, life isn't much to keep empty-handed.. 
Love it > not leave it.


I am in the middle of my holidays and I can't believe how quick days passes when you have fun and rest. 

All day I'm like that: 

Hahaha, see you soon with another flower dust post. 

Forests' Nymph

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve..

Christmas Eve!
It's so funny that my mobile phone, without any setting from me, showed me on the frontpage "Merry Christmas-It's Christmas Eve".

I had an amazing walk with my best friend-Dimitris, today. Children were singing carols all around the town, people were out in a great mood having fun..

We went to atmospheric cafe, with a huge bookcase and had a huge conversation-since I had to see him from summer holidays.

So, have merry little christmas, feel happy for those you have, for those you love and for those you dream. 

Dream a little more this period, cause these dreams are by heart..

Be around your family, your friends, give gifts, wishes and love. 

Watch christmas movies, listen to carols, sit under the christmas tree and read your favourite book. 

It's a marshmallow world!!



Forests' Nymph

Monday, December 22, 2014

Meeting Ξένος..

 Ok, I know-at this post all eyes and attention will be on this cute, huge and lovely dog, Ksenos. (Ξένος)

 My best friend-Anna's father found him during a long walk and took him because of his "silent force". 

His is playful, obedient and irresistible.

Loves hugs, toys and walks..

In other news, I got a sprained index and the fun fact is that it happened while I was putting on my boot. I have accepted the thing that I'm clumsy many years ago... I have to keep it in bandage for a couple of weeks. Anyway, at least I am left-handed and still can do manicure :P

This striped sweater-coat is a new one and I'm feeling like a panda while wearing it. It's hood has teddy's ears.. 
 Forests' Nymph

Sunday, December 21, 2014

It's A Marshmallow World In The Winter..

The spirit, the mood and the serenity of those days, make no exceptions. I saw those (not that little) dogs out of a shop selling ornaments and decoration items which, as expected, was amazingly decorated with christmas trees and candles, taking a nap, with plaid ribbons on their necks. Obviously they were straight and it's a sad circumstance, however watching it with optimism, there are people who feed them and take care of them.

I also wore today a tartan scarf and had a walk around the shops with my little brother! People were out, checking gifts, tasting goodies, being in christmas rhythm.

 Yesterday, I enjoyed a glass of wine with a friend of mine and by chance I came upon Opera Chaotique's live. 

It's a group consists of two men, one on vocals and piano and the other on drums. They were really "chaotic" and eccentric. 

The thing that I was today and seemed strange to me (saw it on google) is that 21 of December is the first day of winter-officially. Anyway I love winter.. 

Forests' Nymph

Friday, December 19, 2014

Ho ho houtfits..

It's been a long time since the last completely fashion post. This week was a peaceful one. No fanfares, no many trinkets, no "exquisite" clothing for special occasions.

I met my friends, went for long walks which I enjoyed the most while chatting, having coffee on hand. Under these circumstances, I wore comfortable but "festive" clothes cause !don't forget! in 6 days its Christmas..

Those rainy days, I love wearing hats and berets that keep me warm and protect my crazy curly curly hair from frizz.

Jumpers, skirts and high socks are also faves. 

Those leather black gloves were my mother's but she gave them to me- with my perseverance.. :P

I completely j'adore this new forest green, hairy, woolly pullover. Makes a nice contrast with my ginger hair. This skirt is a new one and it's a shame that you can't see properly it's colors because of my low quality camera. It's purple, green and yellow. Wore it with green tights, yellow socks and black boots which are totally comfortable.

Forests' Nymph

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

I See Cool Tones..

 Today's mood, is black and white. I strongly believe that winter has a huge palette of icily but also warm colors. 

black and white 

are two colors that also have their own magic on pictures. 

Especially when it's December.

 I chose for this post photos (taken from different sites on internet) in black&white. 

Rainy, cold day. I went for a walk around the shops. It was me and my music plus people's mania to catch up their daily routine. Their festive routine, shopping Christmas presents, tasteful desserts, gifts and enjoying their hot coffee as a break.

 I have the need to travel. 
I want to travel somewhere I haven't been before. 
To a cold place, with warm company.
See different pictures and capture them in many ways. 

Forests' Nymph