Friday, November 21, 2014

"Cause I Belong Among The Wild Flowers"

Hot coffee, knitted warm clothes, berets and scarves, the smell of pies all around... I love this season! Especially when it's sunny!
I've been in a great mood these days, I was feeling really creative and happy(for no specific reason). I played my guitar (a lot), learned new songs, that calms me down, sang a lot (poor neighbours-hahaha) and worked on a university's project which is pretty interesting and will be extremely useful for me in future when I'm gonna start a job.

<<A flower at Autumn, new books to get lost, tea with exotic fruits & flavours, and...
 what I need, is you, for perfection.>>

I'm also going to start another project-diy which is about christmas-gifts. (Yeah!, Christmas are on road!)
I know that it's a bit early, however we have to admit that shops, storefronts attracted our attention with all these trees, fineries, bakeries have charmed us with their irresistible smells from Christmas desserts and we can't wait to get into that special Christmas spirit-to fill our hearts with love and happiness, So, I thought that a nice present for family and grandparents, would be to make a calendar for the whole new year, with my drawings and illustrations. What do you think about it??  
It's gonna take me some time so I have to start immediately looking for materials and ideas.

Almost forgot. 
Another juicy news is that Cosmopolitan, is a greek magazine which have fashion, articles for health, hollywood news and events as topics, picked my photo from instagram and I've been in their December edition! 

Forests' Nymph

Monday, November 17, 2014

"She's A Maniac, Maniac..." With Photography

In a world where everybody is with a mobile phone on hand, takes pictures of anything around him-from himself to his shoes-from his breakfast to an outstanding landscape, "photographers" vary in style and type.
Ok, a huge part of those we see everyday on social networks and sites, such as facebook, instagram, pinterest etc, takes photography as a job- they do it for living. The rest of us (I put also myself in it) we try to capture, in our own way, moments in our lives for different reasons.

 We take selfies with our friends, alone,for facebook, for our blogs,in order to make a collage full of happy moments, or just for fun. 
 We take photos of other people, just because we like the scene that specific time, we work on these shoots, put filters-control the light and the contrast- to make the shoot more attractive. Technology gave us great tools in these kind of art and we try to use them correctly for a nice result.
On top of that, I found our not that old, camera and thought that it would be nice if I could borrow it from my lovely father in order to unfurl my interest for photography.
 It's a nice model and from those little that I remember from our holidays when I was a kid, it takes nice shoots. It works with film strip, but it doesn't bother me at all. I can't wait to start action with my new "companion".

You may check my instagram account for photogaphy in my point of view.

<<Look at me guys and say "Cheese" >>

Forests' Nymph

Sunday, November 16, 2014

DIY-Phone Case

I decided to change my phone case, since I have it, almost, for a year. So I did. I found a nice paper napkin with vintage illustrations and with the decoupage method I convert it into a new phone case.
I've told you in previous posts how we mainly act with it as I've transformed many things since my mother teached me the art of decoupage.

These are some links where I've done decoupage on other posts :

Forests' Nymph

Friday, November 14, 2014

A Cute Visitor.. "meow"

 I would like to introduce you a really cute and beautiful presence, which I found while I was returning from university.

More specifically, in a playground near home this little kitten was playing with two girls around 5, and I though: "Oh, how cute-they're spending time with their pet", after half an hour I looked from the window, and the kitten was alone. 

 In a few words, I took it home, gave it some milk with bread, took care of it for some hours but unfortunately I couldn't keep it- my "landlady" precludes pets. So, I left it in a place which was full of  cats-on the street-where they feed them.

All these hours was a nice company, it was around my legs, and  seemed that enjoyed hugs!
 "Fashion news.. " :

This is a day in university, while we were on a break waiting for another lesson. As you may have noticed, I dyed my hair ginger red and I look like Merida-Brave! Hahaha. I really like this change and I think that I'm gonna keep it!  

The weather was really cold but sunny..
I was wearing my new warm jacket, dark red trousers, my favourite  color-which are a new acquirement, a black jumper and black boots. Comfy outfit for a whole day at uni..

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Αυγόφετες στο όνομα και δεν το διαπραγματεύομαι! ...χαχα :P

 They call them "French Toasts" but I know them as Aygofetes (Αυγόφετες) since my grandmother made them & makes them as a dessert.It isn't anything great but it tastes amazing. A quick, delicious recipe, with minimum materials. There are nothing more than bread toasts with a mix of eggs and milk. 

It was and still is  my favourite "delicacy" because of its reformative taste.
For a salty meal, apply one piece of yellow cheese and ham.
For a sweet taste, sprinkle with sugar.
However, it is delicious itself.

 All you need is:
Love (first of all)

  • bread
  • eggs
  • milk
  • a pan 
  • olive oil


Cut the bread in thin slices and immerse them into 
    the mix with milk and eggs. Fry them until they are done (until  they have a nice golden-brown color) and enjoy them with any taste you want.
   Note: They also taste good with chocolate ex. nutella! 


Forests' Nymph

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Slightly cold wind..

Sunday today and it's really cold outside. I bought a new jacket and I'm looking forward to wear it!! 

I'm back to my hometown because of a national celebration in a couple of days. 

Have a look at my new rings. There are a gift from a best friend-Anna for my birthday. (A month away and I'm still getting presents :D ) Loooove them. They are silver with light green stones. (My favourite color)

That's the color that I chose for making my knitted turban! It took me about 4 days to make it but it was worth it. It's a nice alternative accessory for winter, apart from hats and berets. I think that looks good in combination with my crazy curly hair. What do you think??

 Some of you, those who follow me on instagram you may have seen some of these pictures.. You may call this post a.. "fill-in" one.
 An everyday outfit which I wore a few days ago when the weather was good. I really like wearing this long grey skirt cause it matches with almost everything and it's so comfy! Stripes are my favourite pattern and last but not least, Vans shoes are an everyday choice because of their color-which I adore and was so happy that I found- and their design.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Lady In Red..

An original vintage dress. Dark red as blood, as cranberries, as cherry jam.
It is my mothers' and we found it while we were searching for winter clothes around our wardrobes and closets. I truly love it and I believe that matches perfectly with those "oxford" shoes.

 I really like the thing that I can wear my mothers' clothes, even if they are old or new. We have much more the same taste in style with some interesting differences. Besides, she is a few years older than me (hahaha).

Forest's Nymph

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Autumn came with wind & gold..

Καφές ζεστός,
φτιάχνω σχέδια με τον καπνό.

Χάρακες, μολύβια πάνω στο γραφείο, μα η καρέκλα γυρισμένη στο παράθυρο. 

Μικροσκοπικές σταγόνες βροχής, κοσμούν το τζάμι και πέφτουν χορεύοντας στη μoυσική που διαχέεται στο σκοτεινό δωμάτιο. 

Σχέδια στη βροχή, μελαγχολική μουσική. 
Σε περiμένω να γιορτάσουμε το φθινόπωρο μαζί.

Χτύπησε την πόρτα, σβήσε το κερί, να υπάρχουμε μόνο εγώ και συ. 

Τράβηξε με στη βροχή, να βλέπω τα διαμάντια των σύννεφων να σε περιτριγυρίζουν. 

Μια σταγόνα στα χείλη σου χάθηκε στη στιγμή, με ένα μου φιλί.

*I found the picture above on the internet.

Fall for me is maybe the best season. It's the spring of winter. I feel so creative, full of a quiet energy, ready for cozy moments and afternoons with friends - hot coffee- talking with blankets on your feet-with candles around us.
Above is another "poem", in greek...
See you soon with another flower dust post..

                                                               Forests's Nymph