Monday, April 20, 2015

Cookies with dried grapes and apple for "Flower Dust World"

You are gonna need: 2 eggs

                                  2 cups flour

                                  1 cup sugar

                                  1 cup butter

                                  1 apple

                                  esance of vanilla

                                  1/2 teaspoon salt



                                  dried grapes

  • Bake for 15' 150 oC

More recipes are on road with spring's fruits and tastes.!! 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A sunny Saunter Down town..

<<Keep calm and love spring>> is my motto this period.

Without hurry and effort, I had a walk with my best friend Dimitris, drunk a coffee at an amazing vintage full of books cafeteria and talked about everything. We had so much fun!

I asked him to take me some pictures for Flower Dust World as he did effortless. :) The result was amazing, as he works on films and cinemagraphics, while he studies law. 

Today, I wore a stripped shirt and a pair of jeans plus white sneakers. Simple and comfy. The sunny weather was really warm!

Last but not least, today, a huge wild viking, with a red beard and an enormous axe, tried to murder me because he claimed I violated his territory. Hahaha.. :P

Saturday, April 11, 2015

In Spring, I wear Pink..

Finally, a style post on Flower Dust World. Me and my friend Anna had a photoshoot with her pet Ksenos, which I'm sure that you remember from a Christmas post. 

 It was a sunny and warm day and I wore a pink cropped top, a grey chemise, leather pants and sneakers. 

 As you may have noticed, I changed some things on blog, such us  the size of the place I'm posting and I also added some widgets. So that you may find me on instagram, flickr and facebook easy-in order not to miss a post! How to you find it? :)

Thank you Anna for the photos and special thanks to Ksenos for being such a polite and cute presence!!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Spring tastes..

 Although it's April, although we have sunny days, although everyone is in spring mood, the weather stills really cold.
 While trying to find this amazing season in little things, I eat spring fruits and jams in exotic flavours & I have walks around town and rides with bicycle. I also, take some exercise by running in a lovely park with trees and a tiny alley for runners&walkers. I do put a little more effort on "training" because nice weather makes me thinking that way-it's something like tonic for me, taking into consideration that I never was good with all these.

Breakfast this period and it's tastes are the best. There is a huge variety of fruits and other delicacies to make you feel the springtime in your bones. We are into Easter holidays, anyway.
Particularly today, for Orthodoxs is "Maundy Thursday" when we ,traditionally, paint eggs red, like Jesus's blood. I had a post on Flower Dust World about two years ago, about that costum you may refer to that for more details here .

In other news, I had a new design at my nails which I didn't like alot(hahaha) and I have a new fashion post in the making as soon as I have quite a long time to post here anything about fashion..See you soon!

Forests' Nymph

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Have An Entire Forest Living Inside Me..

Hey Flower Dust World's readers! 
I'm really glad that finaly, I'm saying again, FINALY spring seems to came. Temperature is normal for this season, sun appeared and got away from dark clouds and mood is positive enough..
Those days were full of lovely moments with friends & work for university. Nothing really special happened but I enjoyed this week the most since it was the one with no much push and effort on projects as in a few days I'm going to be on Easter holidays and visit my hometown. Looking forward for it, even if I haven't felt that exhausted from my daily routine. Maybe it's because I like spending time on collage's projects this semester-I find them really interesting, plus, as you know, I've been on a small trip to Athens, so I changed surroundings and filled my batteries. If it was up to me, I would travel home a few weeks later ;)

Can't wait to wear spring-warm weather's outfits, eat this season's fruits, start taking some exercise more often and have walks with my bike around town. Take pictures with vibrant colors and share them with you! :)

How is the weather in your place and what are you plans? Nothing special? I'm glad that you send me e-mails with your opinions and sayings. 

P.S. Facebook started to delete "likes" from those who aren't that active with fan-pages, so if you still like Flower Dust world and its posts, show it. 

Forests' Nymph