Friday, July 3, 2015

Summertime's Issues..

 Finally, exams ended and my summer vacation begun. I'm at my hometown taking some rest, spending time with family and friends and trying to find a job for these 2 months.

As you probably already have heard, [I made an allusion on a previous post] we are going through difficult times in Greece, and we all make efforts to find our balance on both economical and psychological issues.
I know, this is a lifestyle & fashion blog that supports happiness and optimism. I made this blog because this idea was a incentive for me to spend moments in life like this.
So, from this step, I remind all the above-both to me and you- and I'm not growling or talking pessimistically.

 My 3rd year at university ended-that means that I have only one year left as a student. 
 Time plays tricky games.. 
Although, it's summertime, a time for us to relax, enjoy the sun and the sea- live the moment, plus make a plan for winter-set up ideas.
The fine weather, clears our minds and makes us more creative.

I'm gonna be here, making delicious frozen delicacies, clever constructions and posting inspirational photography ideas. 

Summer is a wonderful time for making numerous fashion combinations, which we are going to discover together. 

Thank you for your support and I promise you that Flower Dust World, is going to be a lovely company during this summer...

Monday, June 29, 2015

Bubbles And Lights..

 This post is completely my brother's work. He was the photographer and the instigator of the whole concept.

So, being in a summer mood, trying to think positive about my country's future and mine's, I'm posing under sun's rays and making bubbles plus dreams that hopefully aren't going to disappear or dissolve like these small soap derivatives.

Times are hard but as Flower Dust World promotes with romance and faith things are gonna be easier for everybody. 

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Summer. From head to toe..

[ June.
 The beginning of summer.

It's time for us to start living in the sunshine and sleep under the summer's sky full of stars.

Our tonic- wild air and the sea. 

This post is about those that inspire me during this season, summer style and photography, patterns and music.

  • Chris Rea-On the beach
  • Ville Valo feat.Natalia Avelon-Summer wine
  • Mazzy Star-Blue Light
  • Lana Del Rey-Dark Paradise
  • Broken Back-Halcyon birds
  • Demis Roussos-Forever and ever
  • Robbie Williams-Madonna

Music choices..

I DO NOT OWN the pictures that aren't showing me, they are taken from different sites on the internet.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Sun rays around me..

 Exams are going to start in about a week and I can't stop walking around town to take some sunshine for the demanding season that is on road.

It is really difficult for me to realise that my third year at university comes to its end and in a year I'm going to graduate as a mechanical engineer. (Oh My God) So I'm trying to live the whole student thing exceedingly.

Because of my possible abstention from Flower Dust World the forthcoming days, here's a fashion post for you. 
I 'm wearing a white cropped top with high waist pants. Comfortable, with a romantic essences...


Sunday, June 7, 2015

Eye manicure..

 Colors on nails for summer is the best choice. Love bright colors this season such us yellow, light blue and orange. Although, if you use your imagination, there are a lot of "eyecatching" things you could make. 

The eye manicure is a new trend that I find really  interesting and appealing. Matches perfectly with small golden or silver rings or big ones with colorful stones.

 1st Step.

Apply a base coat.

 2nd Step

Apply a beige color on the whole area of your nail.
 3rd Step

Make tiny semicircles on the nail base.
 4th Step

On the semicircles, draw light blue (or dark blue-its also nice) circles for the eyes.
 5th Step

Add on the blue circles smaller black ones to complete the eye. Voila! 

You could apply a shine varnish at the end, in order to make your manicure last longer..