Wednesday, March 18, 2015

My recent trip to Athens..

 Last weekend I had a small sally to Athens, in order to spend some nice time with friends and fill my batteries with positive energy after exams and their results-that were good(thank God) so that's why I enjoyed that trip the most. 

 So, those 3 days were full of everything. Hours at vintage cafes, chat with friends, walks around Plaka, Monastiraki, center, a lot of dance, nice food & I also met a nice presence that I knew for a couple of months, that was interesting. Although the situation is a bit misty.
Anyway, I had a really nice time since I stayed at a best friend's house-Constantine's, who is an amazing guy and I haven't seen him since summer.That trip,was a perfect combination-opportunity for many things, such as his birthday and the meeting with my friend Christina who lives nearby Athens city.

You can recognize "Acropolis"

Christina, is a guru in finding amazing vintage shops with clothes, so as you can imagine we bought many beauties that are gonna be in later posts for sure.That day, we also ate at "Mama Roux" a special place for food & drinks. 

Forests' Nymph

Sunday, March 8, 2015

What does Nymph of Forest Thinks About 8/3?

 8/3 has been the international woman's day, since 1977. Promotes the support of equality plus the evaluation of women's position  in society. We all know that. I just wanted to make a unique post for this unique day by pointing out some things.

 Gustav Klimt- Sleeping Women

As you know, I am studying mechanical engineering. It's a job that is dominated by men and there is a big prejudgement whether women are equally skilful or not.
If you ask me, I have already noticed this fact from university-which is a sad thing but each day that passes, I prove to those with this spirit that they are wrong and have outdated beliefs.

 Woman, might be more delicated and more elegant but is as strong as a man. She gives birth, is a perfect worker at home, gives love to her children and husband, work hard at office with her power being boundless.

As every person, has creative ideas about work, strong beliefs about politics and a different cleverness from men- that doesn't makes them stupid but different- that's the magic.

 These creatures, may have" a weak body" of a woman but they do have a "king's heart".

Female's lust for power, from antiquity, brought them here today.

1479 B.C. Hatshepsut-woman pharaoh
51 B.C. Cleopatra
1184 Tamar from Georgia
1474 Isabella from Spain
1488 Kathrin Sfortsa from Forli
1559 Margaret of Parma
1558 Elizabeth 1st of England
1561 Maria Stewart from Scotland
1610 Maria de Medici
1611 Nur Tzahan from Persia
1624 Ntzinga Banti Angola
1643 Anna from Austria
1644 Christine from Sweden
1725 Kathrin 1st from Russia.
1745 Madam Pombadour
Kathrin 2nd, highlighted the strong empire in russia
1837 Queen Victoria
1862 Empress Kiksi
1960 Sirima Mpadaranike
1966 Indira Ganti
1969 Golda Meir
1970 Margaret Thacher
1974 Isabell Peron
1986 Korason Akino
1988 Benazir Buto 
1993 Kim Cabel
2000 Taria Halonen
2005 Julia Timosenko
2006 Helen Johnson-Sirlif
2006 Michel Basele                    
2007 Chistina Kirhner
2009 Jadranka Kosor

(data were taken from GEO magazine 2/10)

In my opinion, we should bear in mind all these above 365 days per year. To act normal to every single living creature in this planet. To live decently and fully everything. To create, to make progress. To love.
That's what Forests' Nymph has in her mind this day.

Forests' Nymph

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Cinnamon Rolls For A Sweet Smell Around Home..

Pastry Dough

85 gr. - Flour all purpose                        
 8 gr. - Dry yeast

40 gr. - sugar

80 gr. - butter

280 ml. - milk

¼ teaspoon - salt

2 tbsp - butter
80 gr. - sugar
2 tablespoons - cinnamon
some dried grapes & cranberries
grated nuts

The Glaze

200 gr. - Powdered sugar

1 tbsp - butter

1 teaspoon - vanilla extract

3 tbsp - milk

Forests' Nymph

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Moments From These Days..

 As seen on instagram but for those who haven't an account on that platform, this post is for you.

I made a mistake with my windows phone in order to make it work better and lost all my documents, photos and music. That's a great bereavement for me but thank God I had some copies in my computer. 

Some news is that I'm thinking about to make an account of flickr. There is no need to introduce you this photo hosting page- is really famous, I just thought that it would be nice if I could share some photos there in order to make Flower Dust World more accessible. I would love to here your opinion about it with a comment or you could email me.
Thanks beforehand.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Del Leopardo

Carnival parade to hometown and I couldn't resist to masquerade. Leopard. Love the make up - thanks to my mother that bought me these leopard pants as pajamas a month ago.. :P

 The parade was really cool. I had a lot of fun with friends so  that I didn't take many photos, however I think that you would have a taste.

As you might have understood, carnival in Greece, is a nice celebration, which brings people closer while having fun and gives them the opportunity to develop their imagination and creativity. The biggest carnival parade is in Patra( a greek- quite big town)

I danced a lot, had a coffee nearby the place that the parade took part. To continue with we ate and drunk a glass of wine. 

You may have seen some pictures on my instagram account, but I wanted you to have a closer look.

Forests' Nymph