Monday, July 20, 2015

Floral minds..

We are in summer's depths and the best escape from hot weather is the sea. A deserted beach was the perfect choice for me yesterday, since I needed to lay on the beach, enjoy reading and moments with my company a lot, without much hubbub.

I had some discussions with my aunt for books and we planned a walk around bookshops for new foundings.


As you've seen on instagram , I promised you a fashion post. Here it is, fresh, full of sun and its energy with a strong dose of love and friendship. I'm sure you remember my friend-Christina[she is unique anyway]. We had a lovely walk around shops and parks, while chatting with a coffee on hand. So, freddo espresso and iced latte met, and spent a wonderful and funny time together. 

It is certain, that a meeting with Christina, is going to end up with a photoshoot.. We've got a great mix on that since she is really often my photographer, plus my mind is quite helpful on some art topics and programs that she usually works on being a student on Theatre Science.
Thank you once again Christie, for being my soul-sister on this. <3 

 (That tree stole my bag :P )

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Eyes of summer..

 Summer pictures around me make me crazy. Photography inspiration is all around, so I would love to share them with you.
Greece is a country blessed with sea and sun, with beautiful beaches and outstanding landscapes. I feel really lucky living here.

My day was full. I spent my morning by walking around shops and I ended at a vintage happy decorated cafeteria, with my pc as a company to enjoy my coffee plus make some research about master programs and degrees. I could say that my horizons opened a lot and I made some dreams that hopefully are gonna come true. At least a part of them.

I'm proud of myself, for avoiding being pessimistic and besides my country's difficulties at economics etc, I'm making plans for the near future. The reason that I'm making that point, is because this period is really painful for us-as you may have heard- however I improved this part of my character(worry for anything a lot) that was the main cause for some health problems I had.

This cafeteria is one of my favourites at my hometown. It's desing is amazing and makes me relax and enjoy my coffee while sun is above me at the garden.

At the afternoon, I had a ride with my bicycle, but summer's rain wanted to join me so I turned back soon. Nonetheless the landscape was breathtaking. 

Sunday, July 12, 2015

A small trip..

My trip to Larissa was amazing. I had a huge need to relax and change scenes.
As I mentioned in previous posts, Larissa is a beautiful Greek town, full of energy and glance. Combines huge buildings and multistory stores with green, trees and ancient sites.
It might be really hot during summer, however the fountains around town, gives you enough dew.

My grandma-Mary lives there, and I was planning to visit her months ago. On top of that, it was a great opportunity to see some old friends and spent wonderful times with them. 

Grandma-Mary shared with me some delicious and quick recipes which-I'm sure- you are gonna love as soon as I post them. 

 Let's talk about fashion:

Those days, my favourite style was the protagonist. Bohemian-Boho style.
As you've seen on instagram, denim shorts, colorful blouses and sandals were my picks for walks around shops in the morning, and "wine-times" on the evening.

 While we were relaxing at the balcony and enjoying the sun, iced-coffee was our company, as well as grandma's delicacies. (no need to mention that I put 2 kilos) 

This is, much more, how I spent this week. See you soon with a recipe post.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Summertime's Issues..

 Finally, exams ended and my summer vacation begun. I'm at my hometown taking some rest, spending time with family and friends and trying to find a job for these 2 months.

As you probably already have heard, [I made an allusion on a previous post] we are going through difficult times in Greece, and we all make efforts to find our balance on both economical and psychological issues.
I know, this is a lifestyle & fashion blog that supports happiness and optimism. I made this blog because this idea was a incentive for me to spend moments in life like this.
So, from this step, I remind all the above-both to me and you- and I'm not growling or talking pessimistically.

 My 3rd year at university ended-that means that I have only one year left as a student. 
 Time plays tricky games.. 
Although, it's summertime, a time for us to relax, enjoy the sun and the sea- live the moment, plus make a plan for winter-set up ideas.
The fine weather, clears our minds and makes us more creative.

I'm gonna be here, making delicious frozen delicacies, clever constructions and posting inspirational photography ideas. 

Summer is a wonderful time for making numerous fashion combinations, which we are going to discover together. 

Thank you for your support and I promise you that Flower Dust World, is going to be a lovely company during this summer...

Monday, June 29, 2015

Bubbles And Lights..

 This post is completely my brother's work. He was the photographer and the instigator of the whole concept.

So, being in a summer mood, trying to think positive about my country's future and mine's, I'm posing under sun's rays and making bubbles plus dreams that hopefully aren't going to disappear or dissolve like these small soap derivatives.

Times are hard but as Flower Dust World promotes with romance and faith things are gonna be easier for everybody.